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Should I be worried about ticks?

Ticks are prevalent across the US and may be carriers of parasites that can cause Lyme disease. With simple solutions like Sergeant’s® flea and tick treatments for cats and dogs, you can easily prevent ticks from using your pet as a host.

If my pet stays indoors, can they get fleas?

There are many ways your indoor pet can get fleas: untreated pet visitors, pets allowed to go outside, and pet parents themselves are three common culprits.

Does the flea have to bite my pet for the topical, collar or flea shampoo to work?

No, a flea does not have to bite your pet for the product to work. It starts to kill fleas on contact with your pet’s skin.

If I treat one pet, do I need to treat all my pets?

Absolutely. All pets must be treated to control fleas. An untreated pet can become the new host for fleas if immature fleas are present in your home.

Why do fleas keep coming back?

Even though fleas have been removed from your pet, the problem may not be solved. We recommend treating all other pets in your home and your home itself. Fleas often hang out in your pet’s favorite places, beds, warm sunny spaces, and blankets.

I still see fleas after applying the topical, collar or flea shampoo. Is the product working?

Yes. Fleas and ticks get very active as they die and move to the top of the pet’s coat, which is more visible. This is a sign that the product is working. However, suppose you’re seeing fleas several days or weeks after applying Sergeant’s® flea and tick solutions. In that case, you may have an infestation in your yard or elsewhere. Remember to treat all pets in your house every 30 days throughout the year to help protect your pets from fleas and ticks.

Can I stop using flea control once the fleas are gone?

No. Regular treatment is recommended to prevent future infestations as directed on the product’s packaging, keeping your pet healthy and happy.